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Execute Complex Search Queries with Ranked Results in SQL Server

Problem Just like every other company, we need to have our queries run as fast as possible for our users to have the best experience possible with our application.  One of the core components of our application is to search … Continue reading

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VMware VMworld 2010 Session

TABLE OF CONTENTS Business Continuity (Private Cloud) BC6701 – VMware Data Recovery – All You Need to Know! BC6703 – How to be successful with SRM implementations BC7729 – Intelligent HA – Application Awareness with VMware HA BC7773 – VMware … Continue reading

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Chương trình đào tạo Công nghệ thông tin ĐH Bách Khoa HN

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Implementing MVC in ASP.NET results in the following benefits and liabilities

Benefits Reduced dependencies. An ASP.NET page allows the programmer to implement methods within a page. As the Single ASP.NET Page shows, this can be useful for prototypes and small short-lived Web applications. As the complexity of the page, or the … Continue reading

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Intensional definition

In logic and mathematics, an intensional definition gives the meaning of a term by specifying all the properties required to come to that definition, that is, the necessary and sufficient conditions for belonging to the set being defined. For example, an intensional definition of bachelor is ‘unmarried man’. Being an unmarried man is an … Continue reading

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Lũ lụt ở Thái Lan ảnh hưởng thế nào tới các công ty công nghệ, xe hơi

Thai Lan đang phải hứng chịu trận lũ trên diện rộng tồi tệ nhất trong vòng 50 năm trở lại đây. Nhiều người dân tại thủ đô Bangkok đã phải sơ tán, hàng trăm người chết, thiệt hại lớn tới … Continue reading

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