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Multiple signalR connections/hubs on your website

Source: You can have multiple hubs sharing one connection on your site. SignalR 2.0 was updated to handle multiple hubs over one signlar connection with no lost in performance. Official docs: All clients will use the same URL to establish … Continue reading

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Run Umbraco CMS with Flexible Load Balancing on AWS

In version 7.3, Umbraco CMS the popular open source CMS introduced the flexible load balancing feature, which makes the setup of load-balanced applications a lot easier. In this blog post, we’ll follow the guidelines in the Umbraco documentation to set … Continue reading

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Exploring Cloud Computing Development

It’s not easy getting your arms around this one. The term Cloud Computing has become a catch-all for a number of related technologies that have been used in enterprise-class systems for many years (e.g. grid computing, SOA, virtualization, etc.). One of the primary concerns of cloud computing in Healthcare IT … Continue reading

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Portal Framework SOA Architecture

Trong những chuyên đề tuần trước về Web Portal, chúng ta đã nhắc đến Portlet như một trong những tên gọi của một module, một phần tử hoạt động độc lập, một đơn vị cơ bản làm nên một Web … Continue reading

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Tìm hiểu và khai thác sử dụng LifeRay Portal

Giáo viên hướng dẫn: TS Ngô Bá Hùng, email: LifeRay portal là một khung nền (Flatform) mã nguồn mở hỗ trợ phát triển các cổng thông tin (portal). LifeRay portal cung cấp một giao diện web chuẩn để truy … Continue reading

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Su dung API cua Web 2.0

Mot vi du rat pho bien la nhung Google Map vao mot widget trong website, cai nay ngay truoc minh cho la rat kho. Day chi la mot truong hop tich hop don gian. Nhung anh tu Flickr vao mot … Continue reading

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All 6 parts of the SOA Development with Windows Communications Foundation

Workshop Download Links Part 1: Building a basic IIS Hosted Service with WCF 3.0 Click here to see the original blog post Click here to download the Workshop and Code Part 2: Handling Session state in WCF 3.0 Click here … Continue reading

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