VMware VMworld 2010 Session


Business Continuity (Private Cloud)
BC6701 – VMware Data Recovery – All You Need to Know!
BC6703 – How to be successful with SRM implementations
BC7729 – Intelligent HA – Application Awareness with VMware HA
BC7773 – VMware Site Recovery Manager – Misconceptions and Misconfigurations
BC7950 – Shrinking RTO-RPO’s of VM Replication using WAN Optimization
BC8274 – VMware Fault Tolerance – Best Practices, Usage Scenarios and Performance
BC8283 – Backing up VMware – Benchmarked and Best Practices
BC8372 – SRM Futures – Failback and More
BC8432 – SRM Futures – Host Based Replication
BC8449 – Using VMware Site Recovery Manager with Netapp
BC8537 – VMware Data Protection Roadmap
BC8587 – Data Protection Demystified – Path to Data Protection of the Future
BC8625 – Introduction to Business Continuity-Disaster Recovery from VMware
BC8675 – SRM Futures – Workload Mobility
BC9017 – SRM Customer Use Cases – Lone Star College and Weyerhaeuser

Desktop Virtualization
DV6946 – The Future of VMware Workstation and Cloud Development
DV7164 – Migrating to Windows 7 with VMware View
DV7167 – Design Consideration for Migrating to Windows 7
DV7180 – ThinApp – What’s New and Future Vision
DV7281 – Virtual Desktop Cloud – The Future Vision of End-User Computing
DV7500 – VDI Assessment & Migration
DV7701 – Embracing Employee-Owned Mobile Phones – The Why and How
DV7706 – View Composer – Technical Deep Dive & Best Practices
DV7757 – VMware View Technical Overview
DV7778 – Journey Through a 3000 Seat VMware View (VDI) Deployment Ensuring Business Continuance
DV7841 – The Methods and Benefits of Virtualizing the DOD Classroom
DV7907 – The VMware View Reference Architecture
DV7959 – The Benefits of VDI and Implementation Strategies for Education
DV8009 – VMware on VMware – Delivering VMware View for R&D
DV8044 – Server-Hosted Virtual Desktops – What the Vendors Aren’t Telling You
DV8046 – Deciphering the Thin Client Puzzle – View and Thin Client Technologies
DV8284 – Your Laptop in the Workplace – Enabling Bring Your Own PC, Mobile Workers and Contractors with VMware View
DV8324 – VDI Performance Benchmarking and Best Practices
DV8383 – Troubleshooting ThinApp Applications
DV8408 – Modernize Clinical Desktops with VMware View and ThinApp – Healthcare Panel Discussion
DV8636 – Put VMware Fusion to Work for Your Business
DV8641 – Choosing the Right Desktop Virtualization Platform
DV8677 – Stateless Desktops at The Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
DV8695 – Best Practices for Deploying Network Intensive Applications on VMware View
DV8861 – Enabling the Cerner Instant Access Solution for the Physician’s Desktop with VMware View
DV9500 – Quantifying the Business Benefits of VMware View Virtual Desktop Solution
DV9540 – Case Study & Live Demo of View 4.x in an Enterprise Production Environment by Brown Shoe Company, with Lessons Learned on SAN, User Profiles, Folder Redirection, Etc.

Enterprise Applications
EA6705 – Best Practices for Virtualizing Active Directory
EA7061 – Creating an Internal Oracle Database Cloud Using vSphere
EA7726 – Virtual Machines Outperforming Physical Machines – Crossing the Performance Barrier
EA7829 – Panel Discussion – Virtualization’s Impact on the Delivery of Healthcare IT Services
EA7849 – Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere
EA7850 – Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL 2008
EA7860 – Java Apps on vSphere – Technical Best Practices and Why Now Is Better Than Ever
EA8004 – SAP Solutions on vSphere – Best Practices
EA8020 – SpringSource – Application Infrastructure for a Virtual World
EA8210 – Zimbra and The Future for Mission Critical Apps in the Virtualized Enterprise
EA8547 – Disaster Recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Sharepoint Server
EA8611 – RealTime Applications Running on vSphere
EA8660 – Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications – Leverage the vSphere Private Cloud as a Better Platform for Apps
EA8700 – Oracle on vSphere – Re-Platforming Tier 1 Oracle Databases from UNIX to vSphere at Indiana University

Management (Private Cloud)
MA6580 – Bridge the ESX-ESXi Management Gap Using the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) – Tips & Tricks Included
MA7140 – vCloud Architecture Design Strategies and Design Considerations
MA7528 – VMware vCenter Server – Operational Best Practices in the Datacenter
MA7768 – Head-to-Head Comparison – The VMware Advantage Over Microsoft for Building a Private Cloud
MA7777 – How a Strategic Approach to Virtualization Helped IT Organizations in the Public Sector Build a Private Cloud
MA7884 – Building a Private Cloud at Siemens IT Solutions and Services
MA8027 – Provisioning vApps on Vblock with upcoming VMware Cloud Technologies
MA8030 – Saving Time with vCenter Orchestrator
MA8092 – Cloud Futures – The Infrastructure Authority
MA8181 – Optimizing Your Virtual Infastructure Capacity with vCenter CapacityIQ
MA8237 – VMware vCloud Director Technical Overview
MA8267 – Building the Cloud at Los Alamos National Lab – Infrastructure On Demand
MA8317 – Technical Deep Dive – vCenter Chargeback
MA8339 – 10 Best Free Tools for vSphere Management
MA8388 – Hear From Several VMware Customers Who Have Successfully Built and Deployed a Private Cloud
MA8649 – VMware vCenter Configuration Manager – Our Foundation for Compliance in the Private Cloud
MA8940 – Self-Service and Workflow Automation for the Private Cloud
MA9121 – Lab Automation Best Practices
MA9789 – Virtualization Management Customer Panel
MA9800 – How To Get From A VMware Cluster To Cloud

Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
PC6940 – Networking Best Practices for vCloud
PC7303 – Bridging Application Management Between Public & Private Clouds – A Technology Preview of VMware’s Next Generation Solution
PC7707 – vCloud Deployments – Real World Lessons Learned
PC7754 – Leveraging an Enterprise-Ready vCloud Service to Regain IT Control Format
PC7877 – Architectures for an Enterprise Virtual Data Center in Public Cloud Environments
PC8326 – Lessons from the Cloud – How Application Clouds Are Evolving to Meet New End User, Administrator and Datacenter Trends
PC8380 – Making the Cloud Real – Best Practices for Integrating Cloud into the Current Application Environment
PC8422 – Introduction to vCloud API
PC8533 – Opportunities and Challenges with Platform as a Service
PC8539 – Automate Application Deployment to vCloud Services
PC8583 – Secure Enterprise-Class Cloud Computing
PC8624 – Cloud 101 – What’s Real, What’s Relevant for Enterprise IT, and What Role Does VMware Play
PC8632 – Integrating Public Clouds
PC8820 – VMforce – The World’s First Enterprise Java Cloud
PC9920 – Compliance in the Cloud – Managing Risks and Addressing Concerns

Security (Private Cloud)
SE7811 – VMware View Security Architecture and Best Practices
SE7813 – vShield Edge & Application Protection – Architecure and Use Cases
SE7835 – Securing Your Cloud
SE8066 – Case Study – Leveraging New Security Paradigms for Protecting Confidential Health Data in a Private Cloud Environment
SE8098 – Private Cloud Security – Vendor Secrets and Hypervisor Competitive Differences
SE8195 – Managing Security Compliance for VMware Virtualization
SE8206 – Security Hardening Guidelines for vSphere
SE8371 – Securing Government Virtual Environments
SE8378 – Compliance-Ready Virtual Infrastructure, Addressing PCI Security Standard for Virtualized Deployments
SE8389 – Architectural Overview of Virtualization Security for the Private Cloud
SE8421 – Hypervisor-Based Antivirus and Endpoint Security
SE8520 – Panel Discussion – Private Cloud – Virtualization Security and Compliance, Meeting PCI Standards
SE9600 – How to Attest Host Platform Security for Cloud Deployments – A Technology Preview from VMware, Intel, and RSA

Sponsors / Technology Partners
SP8053 – How Application Virtualization Can Accelerate Virtual Desktop Adoption
SP8262 – Cisco Nexus 1000V Update – Preparing the Virtual Machine Networking for the Cloud
SP8373 – Getting Over ‘The Hump’ – How to Expand Your Stalled Virtualization Deployment
SP8542 – How the Dallas Cowboys Kickoff Innovation with HP Converged Infrastructure
SP8543 – Backup & Disaster Recovery – How to Protect Systems and Applications Across Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments
SP9638 – Getting the MAX from Your Virtualization Investment
SP9639 – Network-Based Policy Management and Hypervisor Bypass for VMs with Cisco UCS
SP9641 – The Chefs and The Soup – The Importance of Management in Workspace Virtualization
SP9642 – Simplifying Scale-Out Storage Infrastructure for a Private Cloud
SP9643 – Accelerating the Transformation to the Cloud
SP9644 – Virtual Appliances – Simplifying Application Deployment and Accelerating Your Journey to the Cloud
SP9645 – IDC Says, Don’t Move to the Cloud
SP9646 – Application Deployment, Considerations, and Use Cases with Vblocks
SP9647 – Enhanced Business Continuity with Application Mobility on Vblocks Across Datacenters
SP9648 – Desktop Virtualization – The Next Big Thing
SP9649 – Imagine Virtually Anything – Building a Fully Dynamic Datacenter with Cisco, NetApp, and VMware
SP9650 – A Prescriptive Approach for VM Protection Today and Strategies to Help You Migrate to the Cloud Tomorrow
SP9651 – Parting the Clouds – Evaluating Clouds and Cloud Providers for the Enterprise
SP9652 – Data Management in Modern Virtualization Environments
SP9653 – Best Practices for Building an Advanced Operating Model for the Enterprise Cloud
SP9654 – Migrating Mission Critical Applications from RISC to Virtualized IA at Eli Lilly
SP9656 – Where is the ROI in Desktop Virtualization How Can I Maximize It
SP9657 – Identifying and Measuring the TCO for VDI – A Customer Perspective
SP9658 – Actual Clouds – Value On Demand
SP9659 – Essential Storage for Cloud Infrastructures – Key Considerations for Enterprises and Service Providers
SP9661 – Hindsight is 20-20 – Top Things You Should Know Before Choosing Storage for VMware vSphere
SP9662 – Using Storage to Efficiently Scale and Manage Enterprise VMware Workloads
SP9663 – Optimizing Virtualization Using Advance Memory and Storage Technology
SP9664 – Architecting Solutions to Meet the Challenges of Scaling VMware Environments
SP9665 – Customers Sound Off…. – Making Backup & Recovery Better with VMware and EMC
SP9666 – From Virtualization Management to Cloud Computing
SP9667 – Virtual Data Warehousing – Improving the Time to Data Mine!
SP9668 – Using Integrated Storage and vSphere Management to Improve Performance and Provide Ease-of-Use
SP9721 – How to Use Virtual I-O to Provision and Manage Networks and Storage Resources in a Private Cloud
SP9722 – A Vision for a Hybrid Cloud – Seamless and Consistent Management of Private and Public Cloud Environments
SP9723 – Designing Optimal Networks for Virtual Apps – Why It Makes All The Difference
SP9740 – How to Move to VMware View with Minimal User Impact
SP9741 – The New Standard for Data Protection
SP9742 – Maximizing Performance and Optimizing Capacity to Transform the Data Center
SP9743 – VDI Unleashed – A Reference Architecture for Accelerating Adoption and Time to Value in VDI Deployments
SP9760 – Dell’s Next Generation Datacenter and VMware
SP9761 – Virtual Desktop Considerations with 10GbE, Solid State Disk Drives and vStorage Enhanced Deployments
SP9820 – Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Infrastructure with Client and Server Virtualization
SP9821 – Backup with Deduplication – Accelerating the Journey to 100 Virtualization
SP9825 – Bioware’s Quest – The Search for Business Continuity
SP9880 – Agentless Anti-Virus with Seraph – A New Paradigm for Security in Virtual Environments

Super Sessions
SS1000 – Heineken Crafts High-Performance Data Center With Compellent and VMware
SS1001 – Introducing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware
SS1002 – Super Session – Accelerating the Virtual Era with Dell
SS1004 – Super Session – Infrastructure Technologies Purpose Built for the Private Cloud
SS1005 – 5 Secrets to Delivering Virtualized Computing at Scale
SS1006 – The Last Mile – Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications
SS1007 – VMware View 4.5 – Delivering on the End User Computing Vision
SS1010 – Scaling Data Center Fabrics with Secure Cloud Services
SS1011 – How Cisco, EMC and VMware Are Changing the IT Landscape with Vblock Converged Infrastructure
SS1056 – Public Cloud Computing Gets Real – New Enterprise-Class Service that Delivers on the Promise of Cloud Computing
SS1057 – Building a Secure Private Cloud Today
SS8222 – Transitioning to ESXi

Technology & Architecture
TA6720 – Troubleshooting using ESXTOP for Advanced Users
TA6841 – Cisco Nexus 1000v – Architecture, Deployment, and Management
TA6862 – vDS Deep Dive – Managing and Troubleshooting
TA6944 – PowerCLI Is For Administrators!
TA7121 – Next Generation VM Storage Solutions with vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI)
TA7171 – Performance Best Practices for vSphere
TA7743 – ESX iSCSI News, Configuration, and Best Practices
TA7750 – Understanding Virtualization Memory Management Concepts
TA7805 – Tech Preview – Storage DRS
TA7962 – Modern Networking in a Virtualized Environment
TA7994 – vStorage Update for vSphere 4.1
TA8012 – Tuning Linux for Virtual Machines
TA8018 – Architecting for Performance
TA8037 – vApps, OVF, and Advanced VM Templates in vSphere
TA8051 – Infrastructure Technologies to Long Distance VMotion – What Is VM Teleportation
TA8052 – Strengthening Healthcare Information Systems with Pervasive Virtualization
TA8065 – Storage Best Practices, Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
TA8101 – Virtual Storage and VMware vSphere – Best Practices and Design Considerations
TA8129 – A Beginner’s Guide to Performance Troubleshooting with vSphere
TA8133 – Best Practices to Increase Availability and Throughput for VMware
TA8158 – Surviving VMware on Blades
TA8188 – Competitive Platform Shootout – VMware vSphere Versus XenServer and Hyper-V
TA8218 – VMware Storage Vision
TA8233 – Prioritizing Storage Resource Allocation in ESX Based Virtual Environments Using Storage I-O Control
TA8245 – ESXi Internals – Better Understanding for Better Management and Troubleshooting
TA8265 – Cisco Nexus 1000V Customer Panel
TA8270 – Get the Best VM Density From Your Virtualization Platform
TA8361 – Future Direction of Networking Virtualization
TA8440 – 10Gb & FCoE Real World Design Considerations
TA8595 – Virtual Networking Concepts and Best Practices
TA8623 – Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge
TA8900 – vSphere Administration For The Average Admin
TA9420 – vSphere 4.1 Overview
TA9767 – Why You Should Migrate to ESXi with vSphere 4.1

Virtualization 101
V17300 – The VMware Competitive Advantage – A Comparison of Server Virtualization Offerings
V17737 – How and Why Denton County Used vSphere To Go Completely Virtual
V17982 – Intro to Virtualization
V18061 – VMware Certified Advanced Professional Certifications Are Here
V18166 – Best Practices on How to Manage Storage and Virtualized Environments
V18268 – Deep Dive on Virtualization – How Stuff Works in Virtualization
V18328 – Building an Affordable vSphere Environment for a Lab or Small Business

ALT2002 – VMware vCenter vShield
ALT2003 – VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch and Cisco Nexus 1000V
ALT2004 – Building the VMworld Lab Cloud Infrastructure
ALT3001 – VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager – Extended Config & Troubleshooting
ALT3002 – VMware vCenter Chargeback – Advanced
ALT3003 – VMware vSphere Performance & Tuning
ALT3004 – VMware vSphere Troubleshooting
ALT3005 – VMware vCenter Orchestrator – Orchestrating the Cloud

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