GLOSS, EASE, FEED and OFF stand for?

The FARMERS School is a ToT platform which offers 16 modular courses on rice-based integrated farming and marketing to boost the training capacities of agricultural extension workers, local farmer technicians, and farmer leaders. Each module was developed by assigned partner agencies as expert contribution to the project. The development of the ToT modules was based on the adult learning framework of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as part of the private sector’s contribution to the project.
IFC’s adult learning approach builds on the learning cycle of adult learners as crucial aspects in the training to optimize learning. It offers a facilitation guide in conducting training or a meeting based on the four-quadrant learning cycle – GLOSS, EASE, FEED, and OFF. GLOSS stands for Get attention, Link topics to experience or knowledge, learning Outcomes, Structure or outline of the topic, and Stimulate interest; EASE, Explain, Activity, Summary, and Examples; FEED, Frame positive intent, Evidence, Effect, and Diagnosis; and OFF, review Outcomes, Feedback, and Future link.

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