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java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener

I had a similar problem when running a spring web application in an Eclipse managed tomcat. I solved this problem by adding maven dependencies in the project’s web deployment assembly. Open the project’s properties (e.g., right-click on the project’s name in … Continue reading

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Basic Strategy for Algorithmic Problem Solving The strategy consists of five big steps: Read and comprehend the problem statement. Select theoretical concepts that may be applied. Qualitative description of the problem. Formalization of a solution strategy. Test and description of the solution. Each step has … Continue reading

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Time-series data: Why (and how) to use a relational database instead of NoSQL

From These days, time-series data applications (e.g., data center / server / microservice / container monitoring, sensor / IoT analytics, financial data analysis, etc.) are proliferating. As a result, time-series databases are in fashion (here are 33 of them). Most … Continue reading

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Deep Learning in Computer Vision

Source from Winter 2016 In recent years, Deep Learning has become a dominant Machine Learning tool for a wide variety of domains. One of its biggest successes has been in Computer Vision where the performance in problems such object and … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between Architectural Patterns and Architectural Styles?

An Architectural Pattern is a way of solving a recurring architectural problem. MVC, for instance, solves the problem of separating the UI from the model. Sensor-Controller-Actuator, is a pattern that will help you with the problem of actuating in face … Continue reading

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Running Serverless ASP.NET Core Web APIs with Amazon Lambda One of the coolest things we demoed at our recent AWS re:Invent talk about .NET Core support for AWS Lambda was how to run an ASP.NET Core Web API with Lambda. We did this with the NuGet package Amazon.Lambda.AspNetCoreServer … Continue reading

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How to use PostMan to check Predix Service

Copy from Update a client $ uaac client update client_name –scope  acs.attributes.write,,acs.policies.write, After client update to refresh cache by next command $ uaac token delete If you need to change password of your client  you need to add password.write permission in scope and authorities of … Continue reading

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