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Can’t sign into bookmarks on Google toolbar firefox

Following these steps: (100% success) The toolbar gets installed in your home directory on windows. The user home directory is different for everyone so you need to figure out what goes in between the <>: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile … Continue reading

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How to use LINQ methods to compare objects of custom types

LINQ provides a convenient syntax and many useful methods for operating with collections of objects. However, to be correctly processed by LINQ comparison methods such as Distinct or Intersect, a type must satisfy certain requirements. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading

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Shipping Insurance Rates

At Shipping Insurance you can see cargo insurance quotes and calculate the premium for your shipment. No need to fill out any forms to get the shipping insurance rates. Select the commodity group, origin and destination of your shipment (general … Continue reading

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Hối Phiếu – Bill of Exchange

Theo Luật thống nhất về hối phiếu (ULB), hối phiếu có giá trị pháp lý khi có các nội dung sau: 1. Tiêu đề hối phiếu: phải ghi chữ Hối phiếu (Bill of Exchange). 2. Ðịa điểm kí phát hối … Continue reading

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Letter of credit

A standard, commercial letter of credit (LC[1]) is a document issued mostly by a financial institution, used primarily in trade finance, which usually provides an irrevocable payment undertaking. The letter of credit can also be payment for a transaction, meaning … Continue reading

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Chính sách tài khoá và lạm phát: Bài học từ lý thuyết và kinh nghiệm Việt Nam

TCTC Online – Trong lịch sử phát triển kinh tế thì chính sách tiền tệ luôn được xem là công cụ chính để Chính phủ can thiệp vào nền kinh tế nhằm duy trì lạm phát ở mức phù hợp. … Continue reading

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2011 Camera Market Predictions

If you haven’t seen my 2010 predictions and results, you can click hereand get to that page. I suggest you do so before reading on. 2010 turned out to be a better year than everyone expected in camera sales. Many … Continue reading

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