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Photography technical terms

Technical terms Angle of view · Aperture · Chromatic Aberration · Circle of confusion · Color temperature  · Depth of field · Depth of focus · Exposure · Exposure compensation · Exposure value · F-number · Film format · Film speed · Focal length · Guide number  · Hyperfocal distance · Metering mode · Perspective … Continue reading

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Twitter’s business model: A visionary experiment

FORTUNE — In March 2006, Jack Dorsey wrote the first tweet ever: “Just setting up my twttr.” Inspired by the pithy status updates in the ambulance and taxicab dispatch software he once programmed, Dorsey translated that software model into a … Continue reading

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Using the ASP.NET MVC source code to debug your app (System.Web.Mvc Debug)

Most ASP.NET MVC developers know that the framework source code is available. This means you can: Read the source code to see how things work Edit, compile, and use your own custom build with your own modifications (though this is … Continue reading

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Canon announces Japan-only IXY 32S touch-shutter variant

Canon Japan has announced the IXY 32S, a variant of the IXY 31S (IXUS 310 HS/ELPH 500 HS) with touch-shutter control. As with the existing model, it features a 12.1MP back-lit CMOS sensor, 24-105mm equivalent, F2.0-5.8 lens and 3.2″ 16:9 … Continue reading

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Wikipedia + CC BY-SA = Free Culture Win!

As anyone following this site closely must know, the Wikipedia community and Wikimedia Foundation board approved the adoption of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license as the main content license for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites. A post about … Continue reading

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ソニー「ハンディカム HDR-CX560V」 vs パナソニック「HDC-TM90」 vs キヤノン「iVIS HF M43」

Part1 カメラまかせでどこまでキレイに撮れる? 画質比較 3機種の基本的な撮影性能・機能を紹介したうえで、「人物」「風景」「夜景」というシーン別に、撮影シーン自動認識機能を使ってフルオート撮影したサンプル動画を掲載する。 Contents 3機種の基本的な撮影性能・機能をチェック 画質比較1 人物(順光・斜光) 画質比較2 人物(半逆光・逆光) 画質比較3 風景(斜光) 画質比較4 夜景 3機種の基本的な撮影性能・機能をチェック 各機種の基本的な撮影性能・機能 機種 価格.com 最安価格(※) 撮像素子 ズームレンズ 内蔵メモリー ソニー「ハンディカム HDR-CX560V」 69,876円 裏面照射型CMOSセンサー(1/2.88型、総画素数665万画素) 光学10倍(26.3~263mm/F1.8-3.4) 64GB パナソニック「HDC-TM90」 64,490円 MOSセンサー(1/4.1型、総画素数332万画素) 光学21倍(28~729mm/F1.8-3.5) 64GB キヤノン「iVIS HF M43」 58,400円 CMOSセンサー(1/3型、総画素237万画素) 光学10倍(43.6~436mm /F1.8-3.0) 64GB ※価格.com最安価格は2011年4月5日現在のものです ソニー「ハンディカム HDR-CX560V」 「ハンディカム HDR-CX560V」のボディサイズは62(幅)×67(高さ)×133.5(奥行)mm)で、重量は約435g(いずれも付属バッテリー装着時)。今 … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Loader v2.0.3 – Active mọi phiên bản windows 7

Công cụ Active Windows 7 nhanh chóng. Windows loader dễ dàng và an toàn để kích hoạt Windows7. Tính năng * Có thể được chạy như một ứng dụng độc lập * Làm việc tốt với tất cả các hệ … Continue reading

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