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What is the best way to paginate results in SQL Server

What is the best way (performance wise) to paginate results in SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 if you also want to get the total number of results (before paginating)? Getting the total number of results and paginating are two … Continue reading

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Coaching Skills

Target Audience This workshop is developed for those who wish to help trainees effectively apply skills learned in training courses at their workplace, using a structured approach to learning transfer. Managers with direct responsibility for training programs and administrators with … Continue reading

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GLOSS, EASE, FEED and OFF stand for?

The FARMERS School is a ToT platform which offers 16 modular courses on rice-based integrated farming and marketing to boost the training capacities of agricultural extension workers, local farmer technicians, and farmer leaders. Each module was developed by assigned partner … Continue reading

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Principles of adult education

“Education” has a lot of sense, but it is generally accepted as a change in behavior.Writing is not intended to analyze existing theories behind Adult Education, but tounderstand the principles of Adult Education (or commonly abbreviated as POD) is acceptable. The principles presented here are essentially the same as that developed insome training using instructional methods, but the one thing that distinguishes the PODprinciples more widely known. These principles are related to the training (training) and education, and … Continue reading

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How to architect Online Payment Processing System for an online store?

Source from So if you’ve decided to develop an On-line Payments system for your e-commerce I really advise you to read this short article. What aspects should I consider before building Payment Processing System? PCI DSS for Credit Card (CC) … Continue reading

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From CUTTING YOUR AWS EC2 BILL WITH LAMBDA FUNCTIONS When running a large training program for an investment bank, we needed over 30 EC2 instances, but only between certain hours of the day. This simple Lambda Function, cut our AWS … Continue reading

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Croke Park: Sound and weather data monitoring within a smart stadium Updated with a section on security and additional resources Boasting a capacity for 82,300 people, Ireland’s Croke Park stadium is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. As the national home to the Gaelic games and headquarters of the … Continue reading

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