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IoT Asset Management Using Graph Database Modeling

The Challenge Power grid systems are considered an integral part of modern society. Their robustness and efficiency not only impact our daily lives, but also influence economy, politics, and the global environment. Power grids continually evolve over time to accommodate … Continue reading

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Designing a Free Online Learning Curriculum Skyrocketing university tuition and pricy unaccredited boot camps aren’t helping to bring socioeconomic diversity to the field of UX. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of completely free learning resources from top companies and universities such as University … Continue reading

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Made in China 2025


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Time-series data: Why (and how) to use a relational database instead of NoSQL

From These days, time-series data applications (e.g., data center / server / microservice / container monitoring, sensor / IoT analytics, financial data analysis, etc.) are proliferating. As a result, time-series databases are in fashion (here are 33 of them). Most … Continue reading

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How to architect Online Payment Processing System for an online store?

Source from So if you’ve decided to develop an On-line Payments system for your e-commerce I really advise you to read this short article. What aspects should I consider before building Payment Processing System? PCI DSS for Credit Card (CC) … Continue reading

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Deep Learning in Computer Vision

Source from Winter 2016 In recent years, Deep Learning has become a dominant Machine Learning tool for a wide variety of domains. One of its biggest successes has been in Computer Vision where the performance in problems such object and … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between Architectural Patterns and Architectural Styles?

An Architectural Pattern is a way of solving a recurring architectural problem. MVC, for instance, solves the problem of separating the UI from the model. Sensor-Controller-Actuator, is a pattern that will help you with the problem of actuating in face … Continue reading

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