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Autowiring :expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate for this dependency ApplicationConfig file: @Configuration @ComponentScan(“my.basepackage.*”) @EnableJpaRepositories(basePackages = {“my.basepackage.*”}) @EntityScan(“my.basepackage.*”) @EnableAutoConfiguration

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How to resolve “Cannot create JDBC driver of class ‘com.mysql.jdbc.Driver’ for connect URL”

Firstly I want to say that i checked all answers at stackoverflow, and i can’t fix this bug! Help me please! I spend a lot of time, but no result. I’m trying to create connection pool using Tomcat8. I have … Continue reading

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level dành cho cá nhân đang hoặc muốn làm việc như 1 Solution Architect. Chứng chỉ này xác nhận khả năng của thí sinh để: Xác định và thu thập các yêu cầu để … Continue reading

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Cordova application architecture.

Overview Apache Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework. It allows you to use standard web technologies – HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform development. Applications execute within wrappers targeted to each platform, and rely on standards-compliant API bindings to … Continue reading

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Java Programming Tutorial OOP Exercises

Reference from 1.1  Ex: The Circle Class (An Introduction to Classes and Instances) This first exercise shall lead you through all the basic concepts in OOP. A class called circle is designed as shown in the following class diagram. It … Continue reading

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Liferay Training Topics

Day 1 The Liferay Developer course begins with an introduction to Liferay, portals in general, and why it is better to implement your application as part of a portal framework rather than as a standalone web application. You will see … Continue reading

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NetBeans Integrated Development Environment 6.1 Programmer Certified Expert Exam

Exam Topics Section 1: IDE Configuration Demonstrate the ability to configure the functionality available in the IDE, including using enabling and disabling functionality and using the Plugin Manager. Explain the purpose of the user directory and the netbeans.conf file and … Continue reading

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