Top 7 nicely looking free open-source Angular projects


  • CoreUI Angular2 (Stars 499). Nice thing with numerous useful icons that supports many libraries, as HTML5 AJAX, HTML5 Static, AngularJS, Angular 2+, React.js & Vue.js.
  • SB-Admin-BS4-Angular-6 (Stars 1.454). This simple and very neat admin platform is based on Angular 6 and Bootstrap 4. Looks really usable. As Ngx-admin it also has RTL/LTR feature, so a wider audience can apply it to their projects.
  • Ng-dashboard (Stars 10). It looks very simple and structured, but does not support that many libs as the others. The dashboard is not supposed to be too dynamic but surely can contribute enough to your next project.
  • CDK-admin (Stars 82). A very powerful open source admin dashboard that was generated with tool Angular CLI version 1.5.0. It’s built on Angular 5 and provides a range of responsive, reusable, and commonly used components.
  • PaperAdmin (Stars 35). We liked its simplicity. The dashboard has nice soft color combinations applied to tables, graphics and icons.
  • Material Dashboard Angular2 (Stars 339) – fully responsive, stylish and free. As many users all over the world we also love this one. The way it looks – comes with 5 color filter choices for both the sidebar and the card headers.
  • To finish the list we decided to remind you of ngx-admin (Stars 11.659). In case you missed some freshly new features and bug fixes. It is still a free admin dashboard template based on Angular 6+, Bootstrap 4, that has numerous unique features and icons.

We hope you found some nice stuff out from the links and put some of them on your next project. Good luck!

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