What is the best way to declare a global variable in Angular


A shared service is the best approach

export class SharedService {

But you need to be very careful when registering it to be able to share a single instance for your whole application. You need to define it when registering your application:

bootstrap(AppComponent, [SharedService]);

but not to define it again within the providers attributes of your components:

  providers: [ SharedService ], // No

Otherwise a new instance of your service will be created for the component and its sub components.

You can have a look at this question regarding how dependency injection and hierarchical injectors work in Angular2:

You can notice that you can also define Observable properties in the service to notify parts of your application when your global properties change:

export class SharedService {

  constructor() {
    this.globalVarUpdate = Observable.create((observer:Observer) => {
      this.globalVarObserver = observer;

  updateGlobalVar(newValue:string) {
    this.globalVar = newValue;

See this question for more details:

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