Coaching Skills

Target Audience
This workshop is developed for those who wish to help trainees effectively apply skills learned in training courses at their workplace, using a structured approach to learning transfer.
Managers with direct responsibility for training programs and administrators with indirect responsibility for training may also find this workshop useful.
None. However, Business Edge® Training of Trainers (ToT): Facilitation Skills  and Training Needs Analysis (TNA) courses, or equivalents are excellent complements to this workshop.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain purpose and benefits of coaching
  • Review the action planning context for coaching
  • Describe 5 coaching skills
  • Use effective listening techniques with a coachee
  • Explain the four dimensions of how to build rapport with a coachee
  • Apply the 4P model to resolve problems and issues arising with a coachee
  • Give feedback to a coachee in a constructive manner
  • Explain how to facilitate and support a coachee’s learning
  • Demonstrate techniques of each coaching skill
  • Apply coaching skills to transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace: Initiating, monitoring and concluding action plans
Classroom-based course
The workshop uses an interactive methodology in order to engage participants actively in the learning process. During the course, your trainer will act as both instructor and facilitator, using a variety of learning methods to help you and your fellow participants share experiences and learn through participation in activities such as group discussions, case studies, role-playing, and games. At the same time, you will be guided to apply skills learned to client examples of your own choosing.
Not available at this time
  • Introduction to the workshop
    • Overview of coaching: What and why
  • Coaching and action planning
    • The business case for training transfer
    • Requirements for successful training transfer
    • Transfer methods
    • The Business Edge® action planner
  • Five coaching competencies
    • 1: Questioning and listening (LACE)
    • 2: Building rapport (RITE)
    • 3: Observing and analyzing (4P’s)
    • 4: Providing feedback (FEED)
    • 5: Facilitating learning (STAIR)
    • Putting it all together
  • Concluding remarks
Course Duration
2 days (depending on number of participants attending)

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