Timeline of largest projects in the Russian economy

This timeline of largest projects in the Russian economy includes both megaprojects, costing over $1 billion, and other large investment projects, typically costing between $100 million and $1 billion. Projects with investments below $100 million also may be included here, either as parts of larger projects, or in case of major international significance and media coverage. In case of projects involving new vehicle models, the cost of development is taken into account as well as the cost of production.

The timeline starts from 1992, the first year after the formation of the modern Russian Federation. Main project areas covered here include infrastructure, energy, industry, weaponry, communications, science & technology, education, sports, and housing.

The projects are arranged by the actual or expected date of full completion, or completion of their first stage. Certain subprojects, that have been completed already, may be listed under their parent projects yet in development. Megaprojects are listed in bold, while planned projects are listed in italics.



[edit]Project areas

  • Airport symbol.svg Airports: new international airports, large expansions and reconstructions of airports (millions of passengers per year capacity)
  • Arctic blank map.png Arctic: major projects aimed into scientific exploration and economic development of the Arctic
  • Farm-Fresh autos.png Automotive industry: major serial car models, new car factories
  • AB-Brücke.svg Bridges: large-scale bridge construction projects (over 1000 metres in length)
  • AVIA BUTTON big.png Civilian aviation: new serial models of civilian aircraft
  • MapMarkerMuseum.png Culture: construction and reconstruction of major cultural objects (museums, temples, theatres, etc.)
  • Dam icon.svg Dams & Hydropower: large hydropower plants (over 100 MW installed capacity); major protective dams
  • Education - Grad Hat.svg Education: large-scale projects in education; major new universities and education centers
  • Digital Electronics Icon.svg Electronics: major projects in electronics
  • BSicon HELI.svg Helicopters: new serial models of civilian and military helicopters
  • BSicon LDER.svg High-speed rail: new high-speed rail services and lines
  • Buildings.svg Housing: major projects of new residential, public and commercial areas, technologically unique and superlative buildings
  • Factory icon.svg Industry: new industrial parks, large factories, major projects in heavy industry
  • Transportation template.svg Infrastructure: complex infrastructural projects, involving renovation and expansion of infrastructure of the entire regions or urban areas; major mixed transport corridors andsea lines of communication
  • Crystal Clear app Internet Connection Tools.svg Internet: national-scale Internet-related projects
  • Su-27 silhouette.svg Military aviation: new serial models of military aircraft
  • Mine de charbon.svg Mining: large-scale mines launched, major mining-related projects in industry
  • Nuclear power plant.svg Nuclear energy: new nuclear power plants
  • Derrick.svgCrystal pipe.png Oil and gas: major projects in natural gas industry (over 100 bln cubic metres of recoverable gas) and oil production (over 100 mln tonnes of recoverable oil)
  • Crystal pipe.png Pipelines: large scale oil and natural gas pipelines
  • Legenda port.svg Ports: major sea ports, large expansions and reconstructions of port terminals
  • Bahn aus Zusatzzeichen 1024-15 A.png Railways: large-scale railway lines, major railway terminals, new services and train models
  • Metro OV Logo.png Rapid-transit: new rapid transit systems, additional metro lines, technologically unique and superlative metro stations
  • Autoroute icone.svg Roadwaysfederal motorways, major urban ring roads and freeways
  • Rocktet icon201002.svg Rockets: new classes of military and civilian launch vehicles
  • Satellite icon1.png Satellite systemsspace-based communication and monitoring systems
  • Science-symbol.png Science: major scientific projects
  • Ciudad.svg Skyscrapers: tallest skyscrapers (over 150 metre in height for individual projects; 100 metre for subprojects)
  • RocketSunIcon.svg Space exploration: major space research missions and projects of theRussian Space Agency
  • Rocktet icon201001.svg Spaceports: new rocket launch complexes and modes of launching
  • Sports and games.png Sport and games: major sport venues, top international sporting events and new international tournaments
  • Submarine.svg Submarines: new diesel and nuclear submarine classes, new nuclear submarines
  • Legenda prom.svg Surface ships: new military and civilian ship classes, new nuclear ships
  • AWB logo draft.png Technology: complex integrated technology projects, new innovation centers,technoparks and technology-oriented special economic zones
  • TV-icon-2.svg Television: international Russian-based TV channels, broadcasting of major international events held in Russia
  • Farm-Fresh factory.png Thermal power: large thermal power plants (over 100 MW installed capacity)
  • Legenda tunel.svg Tunnels: longest tunnels (over about 1000 metres in length)
  • Icon vojn.png Weaponry: major serial types of weaponry, technologically unique and superlative weapons




Runet logo


Kamov Ka-50 “Black Shark” of the Russian Air Force



Topol M during a rehearsal of the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade



  • Rocktet icon201001.svg Sea Launch[40] (MarchYes Done (International cooperation with major Russian role in technology; Russia controls the reorganized project from 2010 on)
  • Derrick.svgCrystal pipe.png Sakhalin-II (oil and gas)[41] (JulyYes Done (international project in Russian EEZ; the largest integrated oil and gas project in the world, involving the usage of the first ever offshore oil rig in Russia; the date of the start of oil production is given)



Soyuz-FG launching the Soyuz-TMAspacecraft



Beriev Be-200 dropping the water painted into the Russian flag colours



  • Farm-Fresh autos.png GAZ-2330 Tigr[81] Yes Done (a high-mobility multi-purpose off-road vehicle, primarily used by police and army)
  • Airport symbol.svg Krasnodar International Airport reconstruction[82] Yes Done (currently the 7th largest airport in Russia by passenger traffic; the completion date of the first stage of reconstruction is given)
  • Airport symbol.svg Yemelyanovo Airport reconstruction and expansion (Krasnoyarsk)[83] Yes Done (currently the 14th largest airport in Russia by passenger traffic; the completion date of the first stage of reconstruction is given; another major expansion was made in 2008)
  • Derrick.svgCrystal pipe.png Nakhodkinskoye gas field[84] (AprilYes Done
  • Farm-Fresh autos.png UAZ Patriot[85] (AugustYes Done (a mid-size SUV model)
  • Legenda tunel.svg Akhtsu Tunnel in Sochi[86] (AugustYes Done (2625.7 metres long roadway tunnel)
  • MapMarkerMuseum.png Transportation template.svg Millennium of Kazan[87] (July–AugustYes Done
  • Arctic blank map.png AB-Brücke.svg Kola Bay Bridge[92] (OctoberYes Done (with a length of 1.6 kilometres, and 2.5 kilometres if the high-way is taken into account, it is the 9th longest bridge in Russia and the world’s longest automobile bridge north of the Polar Circle)
  • Derrick.svgCrystal pipe.png Sakhalin-I (oil and gas)[93] (OctoberYes Done (international project in Russian EEZ; the date of the start of oil production is given)
  • Crystal pipe.png Blue Stream gas pipeline[94][dead link] (NovemberYes Done (actually the first gas flows from Russia to Turkey started in February 2003)
  • TV-icon-2.svg RT (TV network)[95] (DecemberYes Done (global multilingual television news network based in Russia, the first all-digital Russian TV network)
  • Airport symbol.svg Koltsovo International Airport reconstruction and expansion (Yekaterinburg)[96] (DecemberYes Done (currently the 5th largest airport in Russia by passenger traffic; the completion date of the first stage of reconstruction is given; further expansions were made in 2007 and 2009)


The general overview render of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management

NS 50 Let Pobedy, the world’s largesticebreaker


Zhivopisny Bridge in Moscow

Mil Mi-28 at the 2007 MAKS airshow



Yakovlev Yak-130 advanced jet trainer at the 2009 MAKS Airshow




Angara launch vehicle mock-ups at the 2009MAKS Airshow

Yo-mobile coupe




This sketch shows the Sochi Olympic Parkconcept with all venues gathered around the Medals Plaza

Vladimir Putin among the skiers in Krasnaya Polyana


Location of South Stream gas pipeline


Vystavochnaya metro station

Russia-shaped Federation Island off the coast of Sochi in the Black Sea



Inside view of the Luzhniki Stadium, the main arena of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The model of Prospective Piloted Transport System‘s spacecraft, PTK-NP, at the 2009 MAKS Airshow

Yekaterinburg City under construction



Location of the future TKM-World Link and theBering Strait Tunnel



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