Can’t sign into bookmarks on Google toolbar firefox

Following these steps: (100% success)

The toolbar gets installed in your home directory on windows. The user home directory is different for everyone so you need to figure out what goes in between the <>:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profile id>.default\extensions\<{a bunch of letters and numbers}>

If you have lots of extensions to FF then you will have many <{a bunch of letters and numbers}> directories to explore before finding the Google Toolbar extension directory.
You will find a file inside that directory named “install.rdf”.
Edit that file and replace:
that will keep FF from telling you the Google Toolbar isn’t compatible.

Go inside the “lib” directory and you will see the toolbar.js file.
Open up toolbar.js with a decent editor.


and replace ALL with:

Restart FF 6.

Login through the toolbar.

Stand up in front of your computer. Clasp your fingers on both hands to make fists. Place fists just above your hip bones with your elbows pointed out to your sides. Push your chest forward and state with a booming voice. I am invincible.

Or just move on to the next thing because you’re done here.

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2 Responses to Can’t sign into bookmarks on Google toolbar firefox

  1. WTH says:

    Thanks! I had problem with signing in this morning and this fixed the problem. Even more, I could use Google Bookmark on FF7.0.1!!!

  2. chaztor says:

    Thanks. Had everything but the sign in fixed. Now I’m happy. (for the time being)

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