Google Chrome version comparison

Major version Release date WebKit version[37] V8 engine version[38] Operating system support Significant changes
0.2.149 2008-09-02 522 0.3 Windows First release.[39]
0.3.154 2008-10-29 Improved plugin performance and reliability. Spell checking for input fields. Improved web proxy performance and reliability. Tab and window management updates.
0.4.154 2008-11-24 525 Bookmark manager with import and export support. Privacy section added to the application options. New blocked popup notification. Security fixes.
1.0.154 2008-12-11 528 First stable release.
2.0.172 2009-05-24 530 0.4 35% faster JavaScript on the SunSpider benchmark. Mouse wheel support. Full-screen mode. Full-page zoom. Form autofill. Sort bookmarks by title. Tab docking to browser and desktop edges. Basic Greasemonkey support.[40]
3.0.195 2009-10-12 532 1.2 New “new tab” page for improved customization. 25% faster JavaScript. HTML5 video and audio tag support. Lightweight theming.
4.0.249 2010-01-25 532.5 1.3 Extensions. Bookmark synchronization. Enhanced developer tools. Improved HTML5 support. Performance improvements. Full ACID3 pass. HTTP byte range support. Increased security. Experimental new anti-reflected-XSS feature called “XSS Auditor”.[41]
4.1.249 2010-03-17 Translate infobar. New privacy features. Disabled XSS Auditor.[42]
5.0.375 2010-05-21 533 2.1 Windows
Improved JavaScript performance. Browser preference synchronizing. Increased HTML5 support (Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop). Revamped bookmark manager. Adobe Flash Player integrated.[43][44]
6.0.472 2010-09-02 534.3 2.2 Updated and more streamlined UI with simplified Omnibox. New tab page. Merged menu buttons. Form Autofill. Expanded synchronization support to include extensions and Autofill data. Support for WebM videos. Improvements for performance and stability.[45] Built-in PDF support (disabled by default).[46]
7.0.517 2010-10-21 534.7 Primarily a stabilizing release with hundreds of bug fixes. Implemented HTML5 parsing algorithm. File API. Directory upload via input tag. Mac OS X version gained AppleScript support for UI automation.[47] Late binding enabled for SSL sockets: High priority SSL requests are now always sent to the server first. New options for managing cookies. Updated New Tab Page to enable featuring of web applications.
8.0.552 2010-12-02 534.10 Chrome Web Store. Built-in PDF viewer that works inside Chrome’s sandbox for increased security. Expanded synchronization support to include web applications. Improved plug-in handling.[48] This release added “about:flags” to showcase experimental features such as Chrome Instant, side tabs on Windows, Tabbed Settings, Click to Play, background web applications, Remoting, Disable outdated plug-ins, XSS Auditor, Cloud Print Proxy, GPU Accelerated Compositing, WebGL support for the Canvas element, and a “Tab Overview” mode (like Exposé) for Mac OS.
9.0.597 2011-02-03 534.13 WebGL enabled by default. Adobe Flash sandboxing on Windows and Chrome Instant (à la Google Instant) option.[49] WebP support.[50] New flags: Print Preview, GPU Accelerated Compositing, GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D, Google Native Client, CRX-less Web Apps, Web Page Prerendering, Experimental Extension APIs, Disable hyperlink auditing.
10.0.648 2011-03-08 534.16 Google Cloud Print sign-in interface enabled by default. Partially implemented sandboxing of the GPU process.[51][52][53] Faster JavaScript performance due to incorporation of Crankshaft, an improved compiler for V8.[54] Settings pages that open in a tab, rather than a dialog box. Malware reporting and disabling outdated plugins. Password sync added to Chrome Sync and enabled by default. GPU Accelerated Video. Background WebApps. webNavigation extension API.[55]
11.0.696 2011-04-27 534.24 HTML5 Speech Input API.[56] Updated icon.[57]
12.0.742 2011-06-07 534.30 Hardware accelerated 3D CSS. New Safe Browsing protection against downloading malicious files. Ability to delete Flash cookies from inside Chrome. Launch Apps by name from the Omnibox. Integrated Sync into new settings pages. Improved screen reader support. New warning when hitting Command-Q on Mac.[58] New flags: P2P API. Existing tab on foreground on open. Experimental new tab page. Add grouping to tab context menu. Run PPAPI Flash in the renderer process. Multiple Profiles. Removed Google Gears. Print and Save buttons in the PDF viewer.[59]
13.0.782 2011-06-22 535.1 Tab Grouping. Pre-rendering of webpages.[60] Focus existing tab on open. Accelerated 2D Canvas (now activated). IndexedDB+LevelDB. Restrict Instant To Search. Google Instant Pages. Print Preview Refinements. Experimental new tab page.[61] Compact navigation.
14.0.803 2011-06-20 535.1 Language Translator and Password Saver Bar now gray instead of blue. New Tab Experimental page now has color coded thumbnails and the switch between Apps and Most Visited buttons are now smaller. Experimental Multiple Profile switcher has been moved to the immediate left of the tab bar, and is represented by a cupcake.

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