Marketing Resume Sample

Marketing Resume Template or CV Layout for Marketing Manager




The following 2 Marketing Resume layouts should give you a good idea of what yours should look like. If you can produce a layout like one of the two examples I’ve given you here, you can see that it is easy to read and follow, you have the two main essentials of a good Resume or CV – and that means a more successful job search.

Plus of course a good Marketing Cover Letter to go with your resume. If you follow this link you will also find a good example of a Marketing CV and Covering Letter, so you have everything you need to get started.

Writing your resume is quite easy if you approach the task methodically and use my advice and the information I have made available to you on these pages plus these Resume Tips on my website, or follow the layout of the resume samples on this page.

There two styles of Marketing Example Resumes, with slightly different layouts, on this page.

Go to Resume Example #1

Go to Resume Example #2

Always make sure your name is prominent at the top of the 1st page of your resume; it doesn’t matter if you prefer to center it or place it on the left or right, your marketing orientated resume should be just that – a resume that markets YOU! Your objective is to be given an interview, so make sure you can describe your personality as well as your key strengths.

Next be sure that they – whether employer or recruitment consultant – can find your contact details and get in touch with you by their preferred means, so include your street address, land-line and mobile or cell phone numbers and one or more email addresses.


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