Dell’s story is the stuff high-tech legends are made of.

Dell Inc. (case study) and 3 Golden Rules

Chronology of Growth1,3

  •  1984  19-years old Michael Dell registers Dell Computer Corporation with $1,000 in startup capital.
  •  1987  Dell establishes its first international subsidiary in the United Kingdom.
  •  1988  Dell raises $30 million in its initial public offering, bringing the market capitalization of the company to $85 million.
  •  1991  Converting its entire product line to the highest-performing Intel 486 microprocessors, Dell demonstrates its commitment to rapidly delivering the latest technology to its customers.
  •  1992  Dell achieves more than $2 billion in sales, which represents a remarkable 127% increase.
  •  1993  “Liquidity, profitability, and growth” become a company mantra, signifying its shift from a focus on growth alone to more balanced priorities.
  •  1996  Dell challenges the traditional market for premium-priced servers based on proprietary technology with its introduction of its PowerEdge server line. In less than two years, PowerEdge vaults Dell from the 10th position in market share to the 3rd largest server vendor in the world.
  •  1994  Dell launches its new Latitude notebook line with record-breaking battery line. The company launches also Dell Japan and opens its first operations in the Asia-Pacific region, which has become the fastest growing international startup in the company’s history.
  •  1998  Dell Inc. becomes the number two manufacturer and marketer of personal computers in the world. The company grows five times faster than the industry rate. Its stock rises more than 200% – the largest share-price gain in the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100. Dell solidifies its Internet leadership when it’s sales top $12 million per day over the Internet. The company opens an integrated sales, manufacturing and support center in China.
  •  1999  Dell becomes the No.1 PC company in the United States. To accommodate its growth, Dell opens new manufacturing facilities in U.S.A. and Brazil. Sales over top $35 million per day.
  •  2004  Annual revenue of Dell Inc. exceeds $41 billion. The company ranks No. 6 on Fortune magazine’s Global “Most Admired” list.

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