MySQL 5.0 Developer Certified Professional Exam, Part I

Exam Topics Section 1: Client/Server Concepts (5%) ——————————————————————————– General MySQL Architecture Invoking Client Programs Server SQL Modes Section 2: The mysql Client Program (10%) ——————————————————————————– Using mysql Interactively Statement Terminators The mysql Prompts Editing Keys in mysql Using Script Files with MySQL mysql Output Formats Client Commands and SQL Statements Using Server-Side Help Using the –safe-updates Option Section 3: Connectors (5%) ——————————————————————————– MySQL Client Interfaces Connector/ODBC Connector/J Connector/NET Section 4: Data Types (15%) ——————————————————————————– Numeric Data Types The BIT Data Type String Data Types Temporal Data Types Column Attributes Using the AUTO_INCREMENT Column Attribute Handling Missing or Invalid Data Values Section 5: Identifiers (5%) ——————————————————————————– Identifier Syntax Case Sensitivity Using Qualifed Names Reserved Words as Identifiers Section 6: Databases (5%) ——————————————————————————– Database Properties Creating Databases Altering Databases Dropping Databases Obtaining Database Metatdata Section 7: Tables and Indexes (15%) ——————————————————————————– Table Properties Creating Tables Altering Tables Emptying Tables Dropping Tables Indexes Dropping Indexes Obtaining Table and Index Metadata Section 8: Querying for Data (15%) ——————————————————————————– Using SELECT to Retrieve Data Specifying Which Columns to Retrieve Specifying Which Rows to Retrieve Aggregating Results Grouping Results Using UNION Section 9: SQL Expressions (15%) ——————————————————————————– Components of SQL Expressions Numeric Expressions String Expressions Temporal Expressions NULL Values Functions in SQL Expressions Comments in SQL Statements Section 10: Updating Data (10%) ——————————————————————————– Update Operations The INSERT Statement The REPLACE Statement The UPDATE Statement The DELETE and TRUNCATE TABLE Statements Privileges Required for Update Statements

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