Logistics Systems, Fall 2003

Lecture Notes

Microsoft® Excel software is recommended for viewing the .xls files in this section. Free Microsoft® Excel viewer software can also be used to view the .xls files.

1 Overview of Logistics and Supply Chain Systems (PDF – 1.2 MB)  
2 Demand Forecasting (PDF)  
3 Demand Forecasting (cont.) (PDF)  
4 Inventory Management (PDF)  
5 Inventory Management II: Lot Sizing (PDF)  
6 Inventory Management III: EOQ Notes and Some Extensions (PDF)  
7 Inventory Management IV: Safety Stock (PDF)  
8 Inventory Management V: Inventory Policy – Single Item w/ Probabilistic Demand (PDF)  
9 Inventory Management V: Finite Planning Horizon (PDF)  
10 Inventory Management: Material Requirements Planning (PDF)  
11 Inventory Management: Distribution Requirements Planning (PDF)  
12 Single Period Inventory Models (PDF) Supporting Spreadsheet (XLS)
13 Supply Contracts (PDF) Supporting Spreadsheet (XLS)
14 Management of Uncertainty (PDF) Newsboy Simulation (XLS)

Simulation of Postponement Goods (XLS)

15 Transportation: General Concepts (PDF)  
16 Transportation II (PDF)  
17 Transportation III: Transportation Management (PDF – 3.5 MB)  
18 Auction Theory (PDF) Auction Theory Chapter (PDF)
19 Modern Procurement (PDF – 1.2 MB) Combinatorial Auctions in the Procurement of Transportation Services (PDF)
20 Collaboration: Coordinating the Supply Chain (PDF – 1.6 MB)  
21 Network Design (Outside Speaker)  
22 Dynamic Pricing and Yield Management (PDF)  
23 Review (PDF)

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