Payment gateway Integration

Payment gateway is basically a service which is used to process credit  transactions whenever you accept online orders from your customers.  Different banks & dedicated payment processors offers these payment gateways. India-Ecommerce provides all the services related to payment  gateway.

The Need
In the present time ecommerce and online shopping is increasing at  phenomenal rate in fact at exponential rates. That’s why there is a  need that your website (or your web store) should be integrated via  payment gateway with the merchant account. The theme is to get the  payment before you ship.

We can do payment gateway integration with shopping cart in order to  enable customers to easily process credit cards on the websites. Our  programmers can provide you integration with most popular payment gateways. To do this just let us know about the service you are using  and then leave rest of the work on us, we will take care of that as our  programmers are well acquaint with most popular payment gateways and  their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Our payment gateway integration Services include:

Independent payment gateways creation (with credit card transactions) Integration with other payment gateways like.

CC Avenue (also offers net banking)
ICICI Pay Seal
CC Now

There are numerous advantages of payment gateway integration.

  • Customers can shop online in a virtual environment
  • You can do business virtually 24×7
  • Money is automatically transferred to your merchant account
  • Security and peace of mind with credit card transactions
  • Fast, easy, and secure online processing
  • Provides vast and easy access to the global market – You are not restricted by       geographical borders to receive payments

We  will deliver custom payment  integration solution solutions for online business that will allow you  to accept online payments from your customers using any payment gateway  that you. Reliability is one of our strengths in providing merchant account service. We always commit to delivering the best services to  our clients those have multiple web business.
Our pre-made scalable, portable scripts allow us through payment  solutions for effective business process, for payment solutions  catering to specific merchant industries and advanced gateway  technology we promise to serve our clients to deliver this service in a  variety of scripting languages like PHP, Perl, .NET and Cold Fusion.

We  integrate your ecommerce website with a payment  gateway convenient to you. Get in touch with us right away to know how we can  help you. We also offer a wide range of ecommerce solutions to suit your  ecommerce needs. Please contact us today to know how we could assist you in  your ecommerce needs.


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