Internet Merchant Account

Internet merchant accounts are for those merchants who sell products or services from a web site. Transactions handled directly on a web site utilize a credit card payment gateway to handle the payment securely. Internet based accounts can also be used for merchants who handle transactions from locations other than their own via a virtual terminal. An Internet account utilizing a virtual terminal can be accessed from virtually any device with browser based Internet access.

Internet based accounts are becoming more and more popular due to the rapid expansion of portable computers   (even cell phones) that have wireless Internet capabilities. Contact us to get started with Service Related today. We know that we will be your   best option and can offer you the lowest processing rates available.

Internet Rates

Processing Rates

Credit Card Rate 2.19%
Debit  Rate 2.19%
Transaction Fee 25¢
Statement Fee $9.95
Minimum $0.00
Application Fee NONE
Annual Fee NONE
Set-Up Fee NONE
Web Site Integration FREE
Gateway Fee $9.95
Ask questions, or Apply today by calling
1-888-445-6447 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-888-445-6447     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Internet Merchant Account – Features

  1. Free Payment Gateway Setup
    We offer payment gateways from the leading vendors including and will get your started with no up front fee.
  2. Free Programming
    Service Related is available to help integrate your merchant account gateway. We will reprogram your existing terminal, web store, or point of sale system at no charge.
  3. $0 Setup Fee
    There is no setup fee for new merchants with Service Related. For merchants within reach of one of our offices, we assist with the setup of your gateway or virtual terminal. For merchants who are outside of an area where we have a representative, you will receive integration support via teleconference.  With all of our terminals, a 24 hour support terminal line is available.
  4. $0 Application Fee
    Don’t pay an application fee with a merchant account provider.  Utilize Service Related and there is no application fee. credit card payment gateway and virtual terminal An Internet merchant account account is an account where the transaction takes place via a web store or online shopping cart. Internet merchant accounts typically utilize a secure payment gateway and most gateways will also offer a Virtual terminal for the ultimate in portability.

How an Internet Payment Gateway Works is the largest payment gateway provider.  The following diagram provides you with a visual of the steps a transaction takes when processed through a payment gateway. payment gateway flow diagram

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