McDonald’s Logo

The need for establishing an appropriate and prominent trademark has always been a prime requirement for every company. Global expansion has caused the firms to launch an identity design for branding and management of their product. The logo confirms the quality and authenticity of the product throughout the world. Consequently, when McDonald’s extended its business worldwide, it required and utilized a logo design that guarantees the products’ value globally. Created by Jim Schindler in 1962, McDonald’s logo has proven itself to be an insignia of multinational business expansion. Recognized directly with the US, McDonald’s logo is also labeled as “part of Americanization and American cultural imperialism”. Elegance, significance and solid corporate character are clearly depicted by the golden arches of the McDonald’s logo. Later in 1968, the name “McDonald’s” was adjoined with the McDonald’s logo. Design Elements of McDonald’s Logo: The McDonald’s logo is used worldwide to project the meaning intended by the company and also to avoid tarnishing of the company’s proposed picture. McDonald’s logo encompasses the durable characteristics of the food chain. Shape of McDonald’s Logo: The two golden arches were initially designed to resemble the new arched shaped symbols on the side of the newborn restaurant. Later, the designer of the McDonald’s logo merged the two arches to outline the famed “M” now identified globally. Hence, the McDonald’s logo possesses a simple golden colored “M” which reflects the name of the food chain. Color of McDonald’s Logo: Two prominent shades, golden and red, are used in the McDonald’s logo to represent its bold nature. Golden hue is employed to color the two arches, now merged to form “M” in the McDonald’s logo. Nonetheless, the red color is utilized to fill the background of the distinguished McDonald’s logo. Boldness, power and strong corporate image are truly reflected by the use of these two confident colors. Font of McDonald’s Logo: In spite if the “M” on McDonald’s logo, the insignia also grips the name of the food chain. “McDonald’s” has been imprinted in a thoroughly simple font which defines the bold picture of the firm. The simpler the font of the logo, the more radiant it becomes for the spectator.

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