4th Grade Math Help

Get 4th grade math help from expert tutorvista online tutors and make your math easy. It is always necessary to have a clear basic knowledge about everything, sign up for 4th grade Math help from our online tutors and improve your knowledge. We also offer 4th grade Math help on getting homework help as well. This is a representative list of topics covered in our Grade 4 Math program – however all programs will be customized for the individual student. You can also avail to our other grade math programs.

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4th Grade Math Topics

Find the list of topics given below, each of these topics have sub topics, have sample examples to explain the topic & sample test papers.We have a list of important topics and some tips that can make learning easy and effective.

Important topics covered under Grade 4:

  • Fraction
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication facts
  • Division facts
  • Decimals
  • Geometry – Area. Circumference and perimeter
  • Arranging a number

Tips for Effective Learning:

1) Start from the topic 1, never change the sequence.

2) Before you start with one topic, allot a time period for its completion.

3) Once you complete a topic, close the book, take a pen and a paper and jot down all the points.

4) Start solving simple problems and then move to the complicated once.

5) Answer a 4th Grade Math test paper, to see where you stand.

Please refer for free 4th Grade Math Worksheets and sample Question papers.

Here is the list of all of the skills students learn in Fourth Grade!


  • Variables and expressions
  • Patterns in fact families
  • Multiply by 10, 100
  • Ordered pairs
  • Relationships between quantities
  • Diagrams/equations to represent problem situations
  • Symbols for comparison
  • Numeric and geometric patterns


  • Angles/relate angles to fractions
  • Parallel/perpendicular lines
  • Symmetry and congruence of geometric figures
  • Transformations using concrete models
  • Transformations to verify congruence
  • Reflections to verify symmetry
  • Graphing linear relationships
  • Attributes of geometrical figures
  • rectangular coordinate system


  • Estimation and measurement
  • Unit conversions
  • Weight and mass
  • Read temperature
  • Elapsed time problems

Number and Operations

  • Whole numbers – read, write, count
  • Place value (whole numbers)
  • Decimals, fractions, percents; compose/decompose numbers
  • Unit and same denominator fractions
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Negative numbers
  • Positive numbers
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Factors and products
  • Multiplication and division situations
  • Multiplication facts/tables
  • Multiplication problems
  • Rounding numbers
  • Associative property of multiplication
  • Properties of odd/even numbers
  • Multiplication/division as inverse operations
  • Estimation in multiplication/division

Probability And Statistics

  • Collect and represent data
  • Mean, median, mode
  • Possible outcomes
  • Possible combinations
  • Bar/line graphs
  • Predictions from data

Mathematical Reasoning

  • Mathematics in daily life
  • Steps in problem solving
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Tools to solve problems
  • Tools to record observations
  • Informal and mathematical language
  • Make generalizations
  • Justify solutions


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