Supply Chain Guru (Plastics)

Requisition Number 6570454
Job title Supply Chain Guru (Plastics)
Location Santa Clara Valley
Country United States
City Cupertino
State California
Job type Full Time
Job description Our renowned mechanical enclosure global supply chain management team is responsible for the sourcing, manufacturing development execution, and production of Apple's differentiated and unique mechanical enclosure parts. Part of Apple's core business is the creation and development of our world-class industrial designs and as such, the management of the supply chain is required to be equally unique, innovative and specialized.

Due to the importance of this discipline in the definition of Apple's brand, this business group must be able to innovate not only our products, but also the very business processes by which we accomplish our objectives. The complicated balance between the need to achieve ground breaking mechanical developments and business execution creates challenges that drive processes that require a bridge from engineering risk to manufacturing capability to business needs. This is critical to being Apple and therefore involves interactions with the executive teams of both Apple and the entire supply base.

Our Global Supply Chain Managers are responsible for the following:
*Supply Chain Management: Identification, development, negotiation and management of existing and further development of Apple mechanical suppliers.

*Cost: Development, negotiation and execution of a part and assembly cost strategy.

*Build Support: On site management of enclosure manufacturing partners to manage the development builds, risk mitigation and ramp.

* Managing on-time-delivery: Schedule, capacity and supply planning to meet Apple’s production demand.

*Risk Mitigation: Evaluating technical and business risks using data based analysis and developing sound risk mitigation alternatives.

*Cross-functional support with Apple's industrial design, product development and operations team.

* Typically requires at least 15+ years of experience in Supply Chain Development or Sourcing Management.

* Individuals who are good communicators, capable of working in multinational environments, driven and motivated by accomplishing world-class objectives.

* The ideal individuals will have will have a focus on any of the following: Mechanical engineering, mechanical development, manufacturing practices/techniques involving CNC Machined parts, sheet metal, enclosures, casings, jigs, tooling, fixtures, injection molding, vacuum forming, plastic parts, ceramics, etc.

* BSME or BSIE, or equivalent. MBA a +!

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