C# Programming Tools

The C# Team has scoured the Web for other implementations of the CLI, cool object browsers, IDE tricks, add-ins, obfuscators, and other useful tools and utilities that will help you get your job done faster.

Check out the Classes and Libraries page for more links to useful tools, frameworks, and class libraries, including code-generation tools.

You can also find the latest C# extensions at the Visual Studio Gallery.
Visual Studio Add-Ins

* DevExpress CodeRush Xpress

Libraries and Other Stuff

* NMath Suite
* IMSL™ C# Numerical Library for Microsoft® .NET Applications
* Extreme Optimization Mathematics Library for .NET
* Runtime Intelligence Service
* Visual Guard
* LibCheck
* AQdevTeam
* C-Sharpener For VB
* {smartassembly}
* SmartInspect
* Visual Studio Spell Check Add-In – StudioSpell

C# Compilers and Frameworks

* Mono
* DotGnu
* .NET Framework SDK Downloads
* Visual C# 2010, Express Edition


* {smartassembly}
* DeployLX CodeVeil
* Dotfuscator .NET Obfuscator
* Salamander .NET Obfuscator
* Semantic Designs: C# Source Code Obfuscator
* Spices.Net
* Thinstall
* Demeanor for .NET
* .NET Reactor
* IntelliLock
* Eazfuscator.NET
* SecureTeam CliSecure


* Dis#
* Decompiler.NET
* Exemplar/Anakrino
* Reflector .NET Decompiler
* Salamander .NET Decompiler (C#, C++, Visual Basic .NET, IL, MSIL)

Profiler/Optimization Tools

* Dotfuscator Software Services
* NCover
* ANTS Profiler
* {smartassembly}
* Salamander .NET Decompiler (C#, C++, Visual Basic .NET, IL, MSIL)
* .NET Memory Profiler
* AQtime .NET Edition 2 – Automated Profiling and Debugging
* Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition
* Rational PurifyPlus – Product Overview – IBM Software


* dotEASY
* devAdvantage : C# Source Code Analyzer for Visual Studio .NET
* ReSharper
* DocumentatorMacros

Object Browsers

* Reflector for .NET
* .NET Component Inspector
* LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser


* C# for emacs
* Improve C# Plugin for Eclipse
* Semantic Designs: C# Source Code Formatter

Development Environments (IDEs)

* SharpDevelop
* QuickSharp

Build Tools

* Albacore, a suite of Rake tasks
* NAnt—A .NET Build Tool
* CruiseControl.NET
* FinalBuilder
* Visual Build Professional
* Hippo.NET
* MegaBuild
* Project Uppercut

Standard Verifiers

* FxCop


* Visual T#: simplified unit tests
* TestRunner for NUnit
* POCMock
* .NETUnit
* NUnit
* csunit


* AtomineerUtils Pro
* Live Documenter
* NDOC—Code Documentation Generator for .NET
* SoftSteel C# Tutorial on Documentation
* Roland Weigelt’s GhostDoc


* ADO.NET Express
* Data Access Application Block for .NET
* DataLG: Generate Assemblies for Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET
* DeKlarit
* OlyMars
* Project Roundhouse

Regular Expressions

* Regular Expression Designer
* Expresso—A Tool for Building and Testing Regular Expressions

Graphics, Games, and Drawing

* CadLib – A .NET CAD component to read, write, render DWG and DXF files
* Sharp3D.Math Library
* Animated Vector Graphics

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