BlogEngine.NET Widgets

Project Description
A collection of widgets created for BlogEngine.Net.

Widget Description Author(s)
Poll Widget Add polls to your blog Fatih Sever
Shelfari Widget The widget allows you to organize and keep track of your book library Chris Blankenship
Google Reader Widget Widget for Google Reader Juan Manuel Formoso
Google Reader Picks Widget Google Reader Picks Widget Kevin Daub
Image List Add image list to your blog Ahmad Masykur
Stock Quotes Stock Quotes from Yahoo! Financial ThinkEdge
Improved LinkList The widget improves default LinkList widget Nuno Gomes
Xbox Gamer Card Xbox Gamer Card Justin Wendlandt
BookShelf Widget Amazon BookShelf Nuno Gomes Widget Shows the list of your 10 recently listened songs from Daniel Wylie
Flickr Widget Flickr badge widget Fatih Sever
GoogleMaps Widget A simple widget based on Kristian Ravnevand
Daily Quotations Daily Quotations Widget Skyhop
Google Latitude widget Google Latitude widget Erhan
Slide Show It allows you to upload your own photos and display it as a slide show Alex Wong
Foursquare Widget A simple BlogEngine.NET sidebar widget which will diplay your last check-ins Philipp

PS: You can make your widgets animated collapsible. (Thanks Kivanc Ozuolmez for this)


The widgets are licensed by their respective authors. Only widgets which have an open source license (GPL, BSD, Ms-RL, etc) or are released to the public domain may be included in the widget pack. End users are reasonable for reviewing and being in compliance with the author’s license. If you submit an widget or patch for inclusion in the widget pack, you agree to release the source code under an open source license (GPL, BSD, or Ms-RL); if you do not specify a license, you agree to release the source code under the Ms-RL license

Widget Creators

If you have created a widget for BlogEngine.NET and wish to include it here, please contact project coordinators or upload a patch.

Creating Widgets

Creating widgets for BlogEngine.NET 1.4
Video: Widget Framework
Video: Twitter widget example
BlogEngine Widgets Tutorial
Building a Photo Album widget for BlogEngine.NET

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