Using JoeBlogs -metaWeblog API Wrapper

Step 1

Download the latest release of JoeBlogs from Codeplex
(Click the Downloads tab, and select the latest download)

Step 2

Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file.
(I usually copy DLLs I am going to use into a “lib” folder at the root of my solution)

Step 3

Add a reference to BOTH CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll AND JoeBlogs.dll


Include AlexJamesBrown.JoeBlogs in your class, with using / Imports:


using AlexJamesBrown.JoeBlogs;


Imports AlexJamesBrown.JoeBlogs

Step 4:

Instantiate a new Wrapper object.

So far, the available wrappers are:




WordPressWrapper wrapper = new WordPressWrapper(Url, Username, Password);


Dim wrapper As New WordPressWrapper(Url, Username, Password)

Please note –

The above example has the Url, Username and Password strings omitted. Simply replace them with the relevant information.

Step 5

You can now take full advantage of all the methods on your instantiated wrapper.


string Url = "";
string User = "MyUser"; //enter your username
string Password = "MyPassword"; //enter your password

var wp = new WordPressWrapper(Url, User, Password);

//a few test functions...
var userBlogs = wp.GetUserBlogs();
var tags = wp.GetTags();
var categories = wp.GetCategories();

var authors = wp.GetAuthors();

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