How to develop an Rss Feed Reader using ASP C#

Hi Sir,
I would like to create an RSS Feed Reader.
This Feed Reader should read XmlRss Files from other web sites and I should be able to read these Feeds in my own web site so that when they update their RSS Feed, I should get the latest content in my web site.
I would like to develop this application using ASP.Net and C#.
Can I use sql Data Base. Will it help me in any way?
There wont be any registred users for my site.The site will be freely accessible tru a URL.
My my site, there will be 30 blogs related to different categories for ex sports,politics,Entertainment ect,
There will be 15 recent posts in each blog our of which only 5(as links to RSS Feed) will be visible at tiem. The remaining will be visible tru a vertical schorl bar.When the user clicks a link, it will display the description.I am new to ASP.Net and C#.
so pls help me with some sample codes.
Thanks and Regards,

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