FunnelWeb is an open source ASP.NET MVC blog engine for real developers.

You are a developer. A real developer. You use ReSharper (unless you are Matt or Aaron) and can recite the SOLID principles. You are tired of blog engines that mangle your code samples, harass you with spam, and replace your quotes with “fancy quotes”. That’s why you need FunnelWeb.

Getting Started

  1. Installing
  2. Customizing

Why would I use FunnelWeb?

  • Posts are beautiful. They are composed in Markdown using the wmd editor. Code is automatically highlighted thanks to Prettify. If you’ve usedStackOverflow, you’ll find it very familiar, since that’s where we stole the ideas from. Your code will appear nicely formatted, and won’t break when you switch themes or editors
  • Comments are rich. When other developers leave comments on your FunnelWeb blog, they can also use nicely-indented code, quotes, formatting, and even add pictures. Their comments become an intricate part of the page, and not just badly formatted spam at the bottom.
  • Fast and Search Engine Optimized. Each page can have a title and a different meta-title for helping with SEO. You can add meta-descriptions and keywords to a page. You can control all of the other meta tags. There is no ViewState. All CSS and JS is compressed and files are combined together. And it has an inbuilt search feature that appears when a bad URL is followed.
  • FunnelWeb is spam free. Comments and trackbacks are sent to Akismet, as well as compared against a simple blacklist of words.

Example Sites

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