Continuous localization webapp for .NET projects and website


Continuous Localization is an agile methodology that aims to lower the localization overhead of both website and app translations (i.e. localization or l10n in short). Lokad.Translate is a productivity webapp supporting this methodology.

Lokad.Translate is a C# / ASP.NET MVC / NHibernate / SQL Azure / Windows Azure project.

Check Continuous Localization of l10n 2.0 for more detail about the underlying work methodology.

The primary focus is to keep the work management overhead to a minimum both for translators, but also for the website owner. Lokad.Translate is used by Lokad to keep its own website updated in multiple languages.

What Lokad.Translate is NOT

This is not an automated translation system. Translations are done by people.


How it works

Lokad.Translate pings web feeds in order to gather updates from the input website (the website being translated / localized), and for each page update, a work item is created in each targeted language.

Translators can easily review which pages have been updated, but also check how much change have been applied to the input page since its last translation (in order to avoid re-translating the page from scratch).

Every time a page is reported as changed in the RSS feed, the system creates a work item for each “output” language. Then, Lokad.Translate leverages the implicit REST API that is provided by most CRM / wiki / CMS out there.

URLs are managed via regular expressions and it’s possible to define three groups of regular expressions: EDIT, DIFF and HISTORY, mapping respectively the input page URL to:

  • the URL that allows to edit and save the translation (visited by the translator in order to translate the content)
  • the URL that displays the details of the change (so it’s easy to spot the areas that have changed)
  • the URL that displays the change log or history of the input page.

Goals and Features

Short term goals and features:

  • automate the management of web site translations.
  • translators notification, depending on the amount of work in queue.
  • monitor translator work progress and statistics word counts for payments.

Mid term goals:

  • automate the management of apps resource files, especially RESX files.

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